Industry Challenge

By Bethan Lauder

Airbus Endeavr is looking to commission early stage research and technology projects that address an industry need.


To assist researchers and technologists, we provide an overview of one of the many industry challenges identified by our partners and collaborators. Our aim is to encourage small to medium sized businesses, universities and other research institutions and/or a consortium of business and academia to propose ideas that have the potential to solve a problem, achieve commercial value and deliver economic impact.

As good ideas can come at anytime and from anyone, Endeavr looks to business and academia for the very best ideas. We know that incremental and disruptive innovation can be hard. We also know that it can take a lot of time and resource to get a new or novel idea off the ground. 


One way that Endeavr helps inspire innovators to come up with real life solutions is by commissioning early stage research and technology projects that take an idea through to proof of concept – the point at which commercial value can be realised.  

Knowledge, skills, expertise or experience in a specific sector or technology area is not required as it is more important to find a customer and demonstrate a market requirement. This is why Endeavr is focused on identifying and promoting the global challenges faced by industry.

What support is available?

Working with our collaboration partners, Endeavr has a wealth of experience and expertise on hand that we can offer as in-kind support. We can also provide up to 100% of the funding required to undertake a commissioned research or technology project.  

Who can apply?

The research commissioned by Endeavr is not limited to a particular technology area. However, commissioned research projects need to be applicable to Airbus and the project needs to be undertaken by researchers or technologists located in Wales.  

Your proposed project also needs to:

  • be based on an idea for a completely new product, service or process or an idea for a new application for an existing product, service or process
  • have the potential to generate commercial and economic impact

How to apply?

Submit a brief overview of your proposed project or idea via our contact form. A member of the team will get in touch to discuss how the proposed research project may help to address a challenge faced by industry. 

Industry Challenge

Below is a short list of innovation challenges that may be of interest:

Open Call | Smart aircraft coatings for structural health monitoring

Open Call | Digital Catapult

Competitions | Innovate UK

Challenges | Knowledge Transfer Network

Take a look at our case studies to find out about some of the other research ideas and industry challenges that Airbus Endeavr has supported.

Don't see what you're looking for? Submit a brief overview of your idea for a research or technology project. A member of the team will get in touch to discuss how your proposed research project may help to address a challenge faced by industry. 

Note: UK businesses could consider other types of innovation support and advice, including connecting with experts via Innovate UK. For innovation support, including finding project partners, advice on bidding for funding and attracting investment, contact the Knowledge Transfer Network.